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Our platform can build, launch and operate travel retailing experiences that your customers will love.

blackbox - the customer first travel retail platform

Welcome to a better way of travel retailing and rewarding loyalty

travelbox's technology helps airlines and loyalty programmes increase sales, customer lifetime value (CLV), and transforms the traveller/ retail experience with a Plug & Play cloud agnostic Travel Retailing Platform (TRP).

At travelbox, we don’t just talk about a better way of travel retailing and managing your accrual and redemption propositions: we make it your reality.

Travel technology. Plug & Play.

Our Plug & Play platform allows an ultra-rapid and unrivaled time to market, whilst putting control directly back into the hands of the business operators, with zero dependencies on external expertise to manage the dynamic distribution of products & services across any digital channel.

The travelbox travel retail solution offers an extensive set of capabilities out of the box. Our highly configurable platform enables airlines and loyalty programmes to meet the specific needs of their business and customers, across all channels.

Plug & Play Travel Retail Platform

Make it remarkable

Join travel’s innovators to transform your airline and loyalty propositions and elevate your customer experience with a unique travel retailing platform

Enthuse your customer

Digitalise the experience

Personalise your offers

Own your customer experience

Keep your customers informed

Real-time reporting & data streams

A person have a better user experience
Enthuse your customer

Enthuse your customer

Meet all of your customers needs throughout their travel journeys

Offer flight, ancillaries, hotels, home-shares, car rentals, transfers, airport lounges, travel insurance, local tours, experiences and activities through our APIs or Plug & Play your own IBE

Complete the retail experience with rich content, real-time availability, dynamic pricing and configurable payment options (e.g. cash plus miles)

Digital travel booking with online payment
Digitalise the experience

Digitalise the experience

Drive sales safely and quickly

A decoupled architecture integrated with a suite of dynamic ecommerce capabilities, allows our partners to create bespoke user experiences and a consistent offer and order management experience across all devices and channels

Upsell and cross-sell relevant products and services

Easy to manage personalisation
Personalization of offers

Personalise your offers

Providing meaningful and contextually relevant, personalised offers

Customised offers based on a wide range of data points and attributes, such as geographies, demographics, psychographics and behaviour.

Supercharge all your digital applications for hyper-personalized, omni-channel campaigns that react to customer needs in real-time

Customize all digital assets
Own your customer experience

Own your customer experience

Because style and brand consistency matters

All digital assets and communications can be tailored according to your brand and brand guidelines

Our widgets can be embedded on your website, which can be fully customised to reflect your brand

Customer receiving notifications via email and text
Keeping everyone uptodate

Keep everyone informed

No queue lists and everyone gets notified when it happens

Fully automated notifications with your suppliers, affiliates and customers through email, SMS or the platform itself

Automatic rollbacks; no queue lists for booking failures and incomplete bookings

Your customers receive detailed communications regarding the status of their bookings

Person receiving realtime data and reporting
Real-time reporting and data streams

Real-time reporting and data streams

Empower the business with actionable data to drive business performance

Track your business’ growth and history with insightful operational reports to help you better plan for the future

Facilitate secure data exchange while ensuring compliance and processes are auditable

We’re transforming travel and enabling airlines and loyalty programmes to make the most of every customer

A small change in perspective, can make a big difference.
In everything we do, we follow our core values to make a big difference

We care about peope


We care deeply about people, our own people, our partners and customers, and the communities to which we belong

We are passionate in what we do


Passion is the fuel that drives our purpose. It defines our mindset; it provides potential and ignites our business.

We create value


Placing value at the centre of everything we do, satisfying all connecting parties and creating measurable value

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We combined over 40+ years of industry experience, on both client-side and vendor-side to build a new travel retailing ecosystem

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Product and Partnerships

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